Arrested For Fake ID Possession?

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Being a college freshman or junior can be an overwhelming experience. You feel like you are finally old enough to hit the bars and clubs but sadly, the laws say elsewise. But you still have great plans for the weekend; how come? Well, that fake ID has provided you the massive opportunity to head over to any bar or club that you want, with a bunch of your fellas and have the time of your life, this Saturday night. It does attractive, doesn’t it? The idea of being able to have access to any bar that you want, with all the best drinks, is pretty magnetizing. But what the youngsters these days forget is that if they get caught, the bubble of their thoughts and imaginations will be popped within no time. The colorful and musical Saturday night can turn into a dark one.

How much trouble can your Fake ID get you in?

Being caught with a fake ID can get you in more trouble than you think or would have thought of before taking this step.

A lot of bars easily trace fake ids, even if you have the best one with you. If the fake ID has all of your personal information on it, that is accurate, apart from the age (DUH), there are high chances that you can get caught. Clubs and bars turn the police in by the end of the night and you can get in serious, legal issues. Every country or state has their own set of laws and punishments for violating the laws too. However, the most common consequences of violating the law of drinking underage are as follows:

  • You can get charged with a misdemeanor. It is mostly a felony; you have to pay fine or it can also be an incarceration in the prison. It depends on your state law.
  • If caught, you will not only lose the fake ID but you will also lose your driver silence. Now how terrible is that? Losing the freedom to drive anywhere you want to as well?
  • In some states, a hefty fine is charged on the kid who is caught with the fake ID and the parents are informed to.
  • You might have to spend some time in the prison too if you are unable to pay the amount of fine charged.

In New York, for example, anyone who is caught with a fake ID is charged $1000 and also gets probation of three years. Imagine getting probation at the age of 20? You would definitely wish that you could have just waited for another year because you will then have to be patient for the next three years.

The prison circumstances can be avoided if it is your first arrest and you have gained the fake ID for just getting alcohol and you are not found in a bar. However, it is not guaranteed and is extremely rare to happen.

The biggest consequence that can happen (which is very rare), is that the fake ID is put up on your permanent record and it stays with you for the remaining lifetime. This usually happens when you have been caught before and you have yet again gotten a fake ID. Thus it is recommended that once you are caught; you do not give it another try.


Getting caught with a fake ID is definitely scary and the consequences can get unpleasing too. It is better to wait till 21 to head out to the bar that you have always wanted to. Also, don’t ever try to use a fake ID against a policeman because things can get extremely serious in that case. Furthermore, if you have entered a bar and gotten the drinks, it is always safe to leave early as the police can turn in towards the end of the bar timings.

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